#VioliNation and Twitter goes haywire: what happens

The space created by a football-themed user

The hashtag #VioliNation sends Twitter into a tailspin for two consecutive days. Thanks to a Space created by a user – @moussolinho – which entertains thousands of people for now by offering seamless audio interventions and musical ‘covers’ reinterpreted in a footballing and ‘colorful’ key by a speaker and communicator who takes care of the Rome.

In space, after the exploit of the evening of November 16, the encore is a record. #VioliNation arrives among the top 5 trends worldwide. Over 5000 users who follow the show and the audience, formed above all by the universe of ‘Twitter football’, is nothing short of varied: among fans and enthusiasts, the presenter Andrea Delogu and the tennis player Sara Errani, sports journalists and not from Italy, appear. and from abroad, TV authors.

Some companies, attracted by unusual numbers, try to find out what it is. Socios.com invites speakers and users to the stadium, managers from different countries ‘sit down’ to understand what drives 4-5,000 people to gather late at night in a virtual place that is a bit stadium and a bit disco. The profile of Treccani also appears, even Louis Saha, former Manchester United striker, appears. Who knows what he will have understood …