Viora (Aogoi): “Low births cannot be fought with pregnancies in old age”

“We need to intervene or a country as big as Italy will disappear between now and 2070”

“There falling birth rate it is a worrying phenomenon in our country. Among the industrialized countries, Italy is the one in which the fewest children are born. However, let it be clear: the decline in births is not counteracted by favoring pregnancies in old age. By now it is thought that with today’s technologies it is possible to have children even after the age of 50. A wrong message because these pregnancies pose a serious risk to maternal health”. So at Adnkronos Salute Elsa Viora, Past President Aogoi – Association of Italian hospital obstetricians-gynecologists, talks about the demographic winter in Italy, among the topics addressed at the last national congress of the Sigo, Aogoi, Agui and Agite 2022 Federation, which brought together in Milan over 1,500 Italian gynecologists engaged in combating the falling birth rate. The Istat numbers speak for themselves: 400,249 fewer births in 2021 and a negative trend also confirmed for the first months of 2022.

“We need to intervene – says Viora – otherwise between now and 2070 a country as big as Italy will disappear. Fewer births means fewer workers, less GDP and less economic weight of a state. Not only do we have to do something, but we also have to reflect on why foreigners also have fewer children. A country where no children are born means that it is destined to disappear”. Eliminating the causes of this phenomenon “is not up to us gynecologists – continues Viora – but what we can do is try to promote initiatives for the protection of women’s health, think of a communication strategy, inform about adequate lifestyles to adopt if you want to become parents and, above all, make women understand that children are made at a young age”.