Vip on vacation, Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum in Ponza

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Italy has returned to being the center of attention of international VIPs after a few years of “fogging”. The coasts of our country are teeming with well-known faces, including Hollywood actors, who have decided to spend a few days of vacation in our country. After the sighting of Justin and Hailey Bieber, here is that on the island of Ponza they got caught Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum as they stroll through the narrow streets of the small village on the Lazio island. Far from the media hype and the worldliness of the most famous places, such as the Costa Smeralda, Capri or the Amalfi Coast, the couple is enjoying a few days of relaxation and appears more in love than ever.

Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum in love and happy

Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum were photographed enjoying a romantic night walk in the city. Dressed in casual clothes, to most they could seem a normal engaged couple on vacation on the island, if it were not for the bodyguards who followed them from afar. They probably chose to walk back to their accommodation, after having a dinner with some friends at one of the most famous restaurants on the island, where they were seen having a typical meal. In the photos circulating on the web of her, Zoe Kravitz gently encircles the neck of her man, while Channing Tatum, from behind her, places his hands gently on her belly. A hug intimate and delicate between the two, who with a small gesture like this once again proved to be very united.

Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum’s holiday in Ponza

Probably, the two have chosen the largest of the Pontine islands precisely in order not to attract attention and to be able to go unnoticed. For the evening with friends he decided to wear a simple t-shirt with a pair of gray trousers and white sneakers, while she chose a very light white dress, combined with a fuchsia hair band and a pair of white espadrilles. So dressed, they managed to go unnoticed through the crowded cobbled streets of Ponza, crowded with tourists like them who, between a dinner and a walk, enjoy the beauty of one of the pearls of our sea. This is the couple’s first outing after Zoe Kravitz officially announced that she chose Channing Tatum for hers next movie.