Virginia Mihajlovic vents: “Stupid people unfortunately exist”

Virginia Mihajlovic lets herself go to an outburst whose words are clear and direct, and what happened leaves her no other possibility.

Fear, dismay and desire to get out of a nightmare, these are the moods of those who lose a loved one, let alone their father. Virginia Mihajlovic she is a young woman with many dreams in her drawer and a wonderful family, but it is not always so easy to manage situations that are sometimes bigger and more difficult than expected. Sinisa Mihajlovic’s daughter has a lot to say, and never misses an opportunity to do so.

Virginia Mihajlovic and the harsh outburst against the haters (Credits: @virgimih)-

Virginia Mihajlovic he lost his father sinisa recently, and the pain broke something inside her. Losing a parent is something difficult to accept, especially if he has flown to heaven after an illness that caused him pain and unhappiness. No one would like to say goodbye to loved ones, but Virginia he had to. Being strong is a prerogative that her father has handed down to her, along with many other values ​​worthy of the name of champion both in the football field and in his life. Today, however, it is no longer there, she replies and lets herself go to one an unexpected outlet for many, but that leaks a truth unpublished.

Virginia Mihajlovic, unfiltered venting lights up the web

Born in 1999, born into a family of champions, Sinisa’s wife, Ariadne she was an appreciated model who walked the catwalks of a certain weight, and Virginia has the same determination of the parents. The young one Violante’s mother the granddaughter who made it sinisa Grandpa for the first time, she’s a girl with a fortitude that won’t let her down. For the public she is not unknown since she has participated in reality shows. In 2019 she landed to the Island of the Famous itogether with his sister Victoria, achieving some success.

The event that turned the world of a new mother and influencer upside down a bit, it is the death of the father. It is in relation to this drama that he unleashes himself without filters and censorship.

Virginia Mihajlovic embittered against haters
Virginia Mihajlovic and the harsh outburst against the haters (Credits: @virgimih)-

In her official Instagram profile she usually shares everything about herself, because she believes in her abilities, and has always wanted to show her world. Too bad many haters did not appreciate his lifestyle following the death of Sinisa. There are those who make her weigh the fact that she dresses well and goes around with a smile afterwards the mourning occurred on 16 December, and who even dares to judge with much heavier comments. Thus, he is no longer there and shares a post in which he justifies his actions, but above all gives voice to his thoughts.

Want to use Instagram as a means of distraction, even if you never get rid of such pain. Soul and Heart are shattered, but she has a daughter and a quasi-husband beside her who always bring back the joy of living. So she decides to think of light things, she replies to those who attack her like this:


So, he decided to get up in his own way, above all to give his daughter a happy childhood, just like her parents did and Sinisa taught him. He concludes by reiterating how difficult it will be, because with the suffering that feels inside will have to deal with it alone.