Virginia Raffaele, perfect physique at 41: do you know what her diet is?

The well-known imitator Virginia Raffaele shows a perfect physique at 41, but you know what her diet is: here it is revealed

In addition to being one of the best imitators in the world of entertainment, Virginia is also a beautiful woman. At 41, he proves to have a great body. Few of you, however, will know his diet. It was she who revealed it in numerous interviews.

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Virginia Raffaele, do you know what her diet is? (Source: Instagram)

Virginia Raffaele’s diet

Virginia Raffaele is an actress, imitator and showgirl loved by the public. After some experiences as a comedian, he achieved success with the parodies of the characters of Big Brother in “Never Say Big Brother Show”. Later she joined the cast of “Quelli che il calcio”, where she became known thanks to the imitations of Roberta Bruzzone, Federica Pellegrini, Belen Rodriguez and many others.

In the meantime he also made his debut in the cinema in some comedies such as “Una donna per amica” and “How beautiful it is to make love”. In 2017 she arrives in prime time on Rai 2 with a show conceived and conducted by herself. In 2019 she is co-host of the Sanremo Festival.

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In addition to being a very good actress and imitator, Virginia Raffaele is also a beautiful woman. At 41, the showgirl shows off a stunning, almost perfect body. When imitating Belen Rodriguez, Raffaele does not have to pull in the belly or highlight the shapes, her physique is very similar to that of the Argentine model and showgirl. But how do you always keep fit?

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Virginia herself explained in some interviews what diet she uses to always keep fit. His can be called the ‘breakfast diet’ because it consists of eating a lot for breakfast. The actress and imitator, in fact, has understood that by eating a lot for breakfast she does not gain weight even a pound, while at lunch and dinner she tries to limit carbohydrates.

His breakfast is possibly salty: toasted wholemeal bread, honey and lots of fruit. Sometimes, however, he also eats eggs, cottage cheese, and blueberry jam. As a snack he prefers almonds, while at dinner he almost never gives up a glass of red wine, which is also good for you.