Visit Salvini in Latina, Acampora: ‘Constructive dialogue started’

“My wish is that this important appointment that sees us here today, together, can open a new chapter to start a constructive dialogue on an issue such as that of infrastructures, whose efficient planning is an indisputable factor of competitiveness that affects everyone: citizens , workers and those who do business in our territories”. This was stated by the president of the Frosinone-Latina Chamber of Commerce, Giovanni Acampora, as he opened the meeting in which he was the protagonist this afternoon, at the Pontine headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, together with the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini. At the discussion table, the Undersecretary of State for Labor and Social Policies Claudio Durigon, the Hon. Giovanna Miele and the MEP Hon. Matthew Adinolfi.

An appointment arrived less than 24 hours after the agreement with the Lazio Region on the engineer Antonio Mallamo who will be proposed for the appointment of Extraordinary Commissioner for the Rome-Latina connection at the next Council of Ministers. But also a few hours after the announcement of the dicastery led by the secretary of the League regarding the release of funds for the Cisterna-Valmontone. Present His Excellency the Prefect of Latina, Maurizio Falco, the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Municipality of Latina, Carmine Valente and Dr . Raffaele Gargiulo, Quaestor of the province of Latina – who brought greetings from the city to the Minister -, in addition to the trade associations, the trade union representatives, the MOF – with the President Bernardino Quattrociocchi and the Chief Executive Officer Enzo Addessi – and the Chamber of Commerce councilors .

“After years of delays, thanks to the amendment to the Finance Law proposed by the Hon. Miele and the deputy Ottaviani, who has envisaged the establishment of an Extraordinary Commissioner, we hope that this new path will lead to an important change of pace. – President Acampora continued – Yesterday the agreement with the Lazio Region on the engineer Antonio Mallamo -former Commissioner for the Cisterna-Valmontone- who will be proposed for appointment to the next Council of Ministers. With great satisfaction we also welcomed the news of the signing of the memorandum of understanding for the release of the funds that will finally allow the opening of the Cisterna-Valmontone construction sites. I would like to underline how the Rome-Latina connection is a priority work for the mobility of the entire region, urgent and cannot be postponed, likewise the Cisterna-Valmontone, which will soon see construction sites start”.

As regards the provinces of Frosinone and Latina, he underlines, “we are talking about a significant economic dimension that has ample growth potential and logistics and infrastructure are among the main enabling factors for development, provided that the choices respond to the needs However, let me say that the Pedemontana di Formia and the Fondi-Ceprano for the connection of the Mof to the motorway deserve equal attention, as does the strengthening of the infrastructures connecting the provinces of Frosinone and Latina. must be seen in a regional context of flows of goods and people which impose a functional planning for all territories, which aims at rebalancing the different modes of transport.On the subject of infrastructures, as Unioncamere is doing through the President Andrea Prete, the Chambers of Commerce can make an important contribution in defining the framework of infrastructural interventions i to be implemented on the basis of requests from the business world”.

President Acampora then took the opportunity to deliver to Minister Salvini two documents produced by the chamber system: the white paper on the infrastructural priorities of Lazio and the in-depth study carried out for the provinces of Latina and Frosinone: “The dossiers offer a framework detailed description of the tangible and intangible infrastructures considered priorities by businesses in our region and at the local level, with evidence of the critical issues of the current mobility system which, in the regional panorama, must find coherence with the socio-economic development model to be achieved “, concluded Acampora.

Thank you, Salvini underlined, “for the dossier that I take ‘free’ as advice for ‘Mit’, because I have seen it being well documented. Any contribution from local authorities, territories and categories should arrive now. Between Pnrr and complementary funds at the Ministry we have 60 billion euros and the goal is that they do not remain on paper. If by 31 March we have a new code of public contracts it will be easier to work, speeding up and reducing red tape. Faster procurement and faster construction sites for some they risk be less transparent, in my opinion the exact opposite is true. Speed, guaranteeing transparency, is synonymous with efficiency”.

Not only Latina and Frosinone among the dossiers of these three months, adds the minister, “much more has been done. But as regards the numbers of your provinces, reading a few press reviews, I saw articles that gave construction sites opening in 2010 and closures by 2016/2017, I fully understand that there is distrust after all these years. But I think that those that await us will be the years of real relaunch. Looking at the major events scheduled, there will be 5/7 years which could be a real driving force. The Pnrr’s money will be well spent and, to do so, the MIT has a duty to listen to the territories and communities. There are different priorities and the debates are going well, but then the word ‘end’ must be put and action must be taken I would say that the debate on Roma Latina and the Cisterna Valmontone was broad, long and democratic. Now, as far as I’m concerned, we’re off. Next time I’ll come with the Commissioners to inaugurate the construction sites. Even if we’ll have to go on afterwards and watch and for the next priorities, what is already ready must be set up”. Salvini then concluded by applauding President Acampora for the project which saw the merger of the Chambers of Commerce of Frosinone and Latina into a single chamber”.

The work concluded with the requests of the representatives of the business, association and trade union worlds presented to Minister Salvini who collected the inputs with particular attention and replied with the data in his possession: “There are many requests, let’s set priorities. What it takes will get done. I’m taking away some ‘homework’, we’ll meet again after some of these have been completed”.