Vite al Limite, Dr. Nowzaradan leaves everyone stunned: the announcement that no one expected

The announcement of Dr. Nowzaradan of Vite al Limite leaves everyone stunned: no one would have ever expected it, what happened.

Not only Lives to the Limit is one of those most famous programs on the Italian small screen because it allows you to see the incredible transformations of those people who seriously need it, but it is also because it has the legendary protagonist as its undisputed protagonist Dr. Nowzaradan. Surgeon of Iranian origins, he has been the backbone of the docu-reality since its first episode.

Nowzaradan announcement. Credits: Instagram

Everyone is crazy about Doctor Nowzaradan! In addition to constantly following him in all the episodes of Vite al Limite, there are many who do not miss any kind of update on his account, following him on social networks. It is on his official Instagram channel that the Iranian surgeon boasts an impressive number of followers and never misses an opportunity to be able to share everything with them. Some time ago, for example, he couldn’t help but share the magnificent recognition he gained for his many shocking transformations, remember? Did you see, however, what he announced a few hours ago? Through a post shared on his Instagram channel, the surgeon shared with his supporters an ad that no one would ever have expected.

Doctor Nowzaradan of Vite al Limite leaves everyone stunned: the announcement is surprising

No one would have ever imagined it, but – according to what we learn from the announcement shared by Dr. Nowzaradan on his Instagram channel – it would seem to be really like this: Lives to the Limit renews itself! The adventures of those obese patients who chose to turn to the Iranian surgeon to take their lives back in hand did not end at all with David’s story – he was the last patient of the good Younan during the last edition. – but will continue for a new edition. Would you have ever imagined it? We absolutely don’t! Although we are aware that Vite al Limite is a very popular and super-loved program, we never imagined that there would be a new edition. It is precisely for this reason that Dr. Nowzaradan’s announcement literally surprised us.

It is precisely through a post shared on its Instagram page that Nowzaradan has revealed to its supporters the arrival of a new edition of Vite al Limite. At the moment, we have very little information on it, on the starting date and on the patients who will take part in it, mind you. We can only tell you, however, that the news has left everyone stunned!

screw to the limit nowzaradan ad
Nowzaradan social announcement. Credits: instagram

“The new season of 600-ib life is coming soon”, he said in support of an image that portrays him mostly smiling. We can’t wait to hear more, you? We are sure that and we will surely see some beautiful ones!