Vite al Limite, loses more than 100kg: seeing it today will leave you speechless

Vite al Limite, an extraordinary path: loses more than 100kg! Seeing it today will leave you all speechless, you won’t be able to believe it!

The life path of patients who decide to go to the Houston clinic to entrust themselves to the hands and care of Dr. Nowzaradan, is never simple. Over the course of the different seasons of the program ‘Lives on the edge‘we were able to follow all different stories that presented rather complex paths.

Vite al Limite, loses more than 100kg: the change is impressive! (Youtube photo source)

The Houston clinic specialized for patients with possibly obesity, is dedicated to the path of rebirth of those who have the strong need to get back into the game and take back the reins of their lives. This is the case of the protagonist of the story that we want to tell you today. The patient in question, due to the state of severe obesity, was now unable to live a normal life. The 340kg of her and more than her, were now a big limit to everyday life. Thus, a strong awareness allows her to be able to make a real change in her life. We witness the story of her a Lives to the Limitwhere we can admire its rebirth: loses more than 100kgseeing it today will leave you speechless!

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Vite al Limite, loses more than 100kg: today it is astonishing

We met her and heard her story in the fourth season of Lives to the Limit. Do you remember Teretha? His story touched everyone, leaving us speechless from the start.

Victim of harassment as a child by her uncle, the then child Teretha finds refuge in the only thing that seems to give her comfort, food. Unfortunately, in the long run, the food endangered the life of Teretha, who by now in adulthood had weighed 340kg. But something changes, and Teretha decides to say enough to her addiction to her, she wants to take back her life and so she works hard to have a ‘second chance’.

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screw to the limit 100kg
Youtube photo source

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He thus turns to Dr. Nowzaradan, hoping that this might be his chance for a breakthrough. He thus entrusts himself to the care of the clinic, carefully follows the diet to lose weight so as to undergo surgery. And so, in just over a year, Thereta has a new life and well 100kg in less. Are you curious to see it today? Here it is, totally different from how we saw it for the first time on TV.

screw to the limit 100kg
Youtube photo source

Today Thereta, who has chosen to change her life with great dedication, is a new woman! Don’t you find her path really impressive?