Vite al Limite, no one had ever done it before: that gesture cost her dearly, sensationally!

No one had ever made this sensational gesture to Vite al Limite before: it really cost her dearly, unthinkable!

Twists never end a Lives to the Limit! The Real Time docu-reality is not only full of incredible transformations and inevitable expulsions, but also of much more truly sensational. The prime example of this is the protagonist of our article. Joining the Houston clinic during the second season of the program, the woman accomplished a gesture resounding that no one had ever done before, which cost her really dearly.

Resounding gesture. Credits: Discovery

Over the course of these ten editions of Vite al Limite, we have come to know Dr. Nowzaradan better than our pockets. We know very well, therefore, what he agrees to do during the weight loss program and what, instead, infuriates him particularly. Remember, for example, when the surgeon couldn’t help but blame Dolly for her hostile attitude? Even towards the protagonist of this article, the good Nowzaradan was quite severe, but he did it only because his patient did not behave in the best way in the clinic. What the woman did, in fact, was a very serious gesture, which the doctor could not help but scold.

Resounding gesture to Vite al Limite: no one had ever done it before

He weighed exactly 240 kg when he asked for help a Lives to the Limit and to Dr. Nowzaradan, but it failed to achieve its goal at all. We are talking about her: Penny Saeger, protagonist of the second season of the Real Time docu-reality.

Victim of a violent and alcoholic father, Penny started eating at a very young age. In fact, in food, the woman found her only comfort and – eating by eating – she felt that all his anger and her frustration diminished. Over the years, however, the situation has not improved at all! Although Saeger was able to find a man who appreciated her for who she was, Penny continued to eat more and more, reaching a very large size. Hence, therefore, the request for help to Dr. Nowzaradan. Unfortunately, Penny’s path is a far cry from Melissa Morris’s. The woman, in fact, immediately proved reluctant to respect the diet of the surgeon and – when she managed to have an operation – she performed a gesture resounding that no one had ever done before. The List, in fact, lets us know that the woman – after losing about 40 kg – asked the attendants to get her some food.

It can be clearly understood that such an attitude did not at all go down to the surgeon, who seriously reproached her and warned her that at this rate she would die. What do we know about her now? Unfortunately, little and nothing! To date, in fact, we have no news of Penny.

screw gesture to the sensational limit
Penny Saeger. Credits: Discovery

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