Vite al Limite, that dramatic death upset his life: today it is unrecognizable

Vite al Limite, his weight had become rather excessive due to a dramatic death that upset his life: today it is unrecognizable.

His path inside the clinic of Lives to the Limit it was really impressive. And even now, years later, it continues to be unforgettable. Having joined Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients during the fourth edition of the program, the young woman was able to complete a superlative path. Just think, it started from a weight of about 268 kg. To date, however, it is unrecognizable! Let’s find out its history together.

Vite al Limite, that dramatic death upset her existence: here she is today. Photo Source: Youtube

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Over the course of these nine editions of Vite al Limite we have learned strongly that not all that glitters is gold. And that, more often than not, there is always a reason behind the spasmodic attachment to food. And most of the time a really dramatic motivation. This is the case, for example, of the protagonist of this article. Having come to weigh a lot of kilograms and lead a life that absolutely could not be defined as such, Dr. Nowzardan’s patient had a rather tragic story behind her. From what we read, it would seem that it was one who determined that weight dramatic death, which strongly influenced his life.

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Vite al Limite, the dramatic death of her son has upset her life: here she is today,

At the age of 43, the Houston woman decided to get back in shape because she was heavily addicted to food. In the presence of Dr. Nowzaradan, the patient of the Iranian surgeon arrived with an initial weight of 268 kg. And a truly dramatic story behind it. We are talking about her: June McCamey. What happened? Why did the Houston woman weigh so much?

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From what we read from the web, it would seem that there was one event in particular that strongly influenced her: the death of her son. It is from that moment that June has not had the strength to react and has dumped all her pain in food. To date, however, McCamey appears truly unrecognizable. And this testifies to the fact that his fortitude was stronger than everything. How did it become? Here she is:

Vite al Limite dramatic death
Photo Source: Youtube

A story, that of June, very special, but more than unique.