Viterbo, written with swastika against Elly Schlein. Meloni: “Shameful and unworthy act”

We are investigating to trace the authors of the message, which has already been removed. The Prime Minister: “An act to be condemned with absolute firmness”

A swastika and an inscription against the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein appeared in Viterbo, along a wall in via delle Fortezze. “Schlein your face is already a macabre fate”, was written above a swastika. The message was removed as soon as reported by Digos yesterday. This was announced by the mayor of the city, Chiara Frontini, who said: “A shameful gesture that we strongly condemn, regardless of the recipient of the message. We hope that the police will soon be able to identify the author of this unworthy gesture”. The police are working to trace the perpetrators.

Fiano: “Those who write these swastikas know little of what happened”

To denounce the existence of the inscription, also posting the photo on Facebook, was the former Pd deputy Emanuele Fiano, who wrote: “I am sure that those who write these swastikas know little, very little, of what happened then, of what happened, of how it happened. We need to promote culture, on this I recommend Elly Schlein, let’s think about it. We leave no stone unturned. Every regurgitation must be treated, certainly repressed, but it must also be the subject of a new cultural and educational investment in our country, to transmit the lesson of evil and transform it into good. Solidarity with Elly Schlein. If not now, when?”.

Meloni: “Shameful and unworthy act”. La Russa: “Condemn forcefully”

Palazzo Chigi released a note in which it condemned the gesture “with absolute firmness”. The offensive writing accompanied by the drawing of a swastika on a wall in the city of Viterbo is a gesture to be condemned with absolute firmness”. Even the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa intervened on the fact, saying he condemned “strongly what happened” and giving “sincere solidarity and closeness to the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein”.