Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy: “Dynasties are rethinking themselves in the contemporary world”

In the end-of-year message to Italians, the difficult international situation, an invitation to Italian institutions to do good for citizens, Pope Francis and the importance of charity

The difficult international situation, an invitation to Italian institutions to do good for citizens, Pope Francis and the importance of charity are the central points addressed by Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy in his end-of-year message to Italians. The Duke of Savoy wishes a “new year bringing serenity and peace, so that all your projects can come true” and reflects on the role of the Dynasties.

“The future of the House of Savoy is today entrusted to His young generations. – underlines the Duke of Savoy – There has been a lot of talk, in these last days of 2023, even in some important Italian newspapers, about the future of Dynasties in the contemporary world. I believe that the best service that my House can provide to Italy today is in doing good through philanthropy and charity and, above all, in safeguarding the most sacred memories of our history, our culture and its composite expressions. . Our tradition. A tradition that is life-giving and worthy of the name only if it is not a museum of itself and does not guard the ashes of the past, but keeps its flame alive, sometimes having the courage to challenge its own habits and anachronisms, rethinking itself in the world contemporary. This is the task I entrust to the young generations of Savoy.”

Vittorio Emanuele then goes with the thought “to the difficult one international situation, which sees the peace of peoples and the security of people threatened. – underlines the Duke of Savoy – Those who sit in positions of responsibility today have the duty to make every effort to ensure that the logic of oppression and violence is rejected with absolute firmness, thus ensuring the just and sacrosanct right of the young generations to receive an inheritance from our hands a better planet, not poisoned by fanaticism and the cult of death”.

Addressing the Italian institutionsVittorio Emanuele hopes that “in a complex context like the current one, they will never lose the guiding light: the love of their country and the pursuit, always and everywhere, of the good of Italian citizens and their legitimate interests”.

The message continues by addressing Pope francesco “who, this year, celebrated the first ten years of his Pontificate and whose voice represents a point of reference not only for Christianity, but for the entire international community”.

Finally, “a thought for mine family members. They are increasingly supporting me in honoring my dynastic duties and, in particular, I would like to thank my Son Emanuele Filiberto who, having taken the baton from my hands, is assisting me with daily dedication in the activities and tasks related to the Savoy Dynastic Orders – the message continues – This year too, they continued to carry out hundreds of charitable works all over the world, achieving important results, with more than thirty active delegations and thousands of women and men, volunteers and supporters engaged daily in multiple projects. A job that certainly cannot be stopped and which requires appropriate care from my family.”