Vittorio Sgarbi leaves office after meeting with Meloni: “I resigned”

“I thank Giorgia Meloni for the attention she gave me”, wrote the now former undersecretary on social media at the end of an interview with the Prime Minister

“I resigned, as announced, in the hands of the Prime Minister and I thank her for the attention she gave me”. Vittorio Sgarbi said this as he left Palazzo Chigi after having had a meeting lasting almost an hour with Giorgia Meloni.

The story

Sgarbi, as also highlighted recently in an interview with The Corriere della Sera, had spoken of his resignation announced after the Antitrust resolution which declared, in fact, the incompatibility between the activities carried out by the art critic and his role as undersecretary of culture. In recent days, in fact, the Competition and Market Authority underlined that “the Undersecretary of State for Culture, Vittorio Sgarbi, has carried out professional activities as an art critic, in matters connected with his government position in favor of public and private entities, in violation of article 2, paragraph 1, letter d) of law 20 July 2004, no. 215″ or the Frattini Law on conflict of interest”. Now it remains to be seen whether Sgarbi will appeal to the TAR as promised a few days ago: “My agony will be long”, he said. After the Antitrust resolution, a first announcement related to the resignation arrived. Then, everything was put on stand-by awaiting the vote on the motion, which was finally scheduled for February 15th, and of the possible countermeasures by Meloni, in agreement with the minister Sangiuliano, on the possible revocation of the delegations.