Vittorio Sgarbi on trial for defamation against Virginia Raggi

The former mayor of Rome has filed a civil action in the proceeding which sees the Undersecretary for Cultural Heritage accused of defamation for some sentences spoken on television in which he compared her to Ciancimino

The former mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, has been admitted as a civil party in the trial of Vittorio Sgarbi, undersecretary for cultural heritage, accused of aggravated defamation against him. In the centre, the sentences uttered on 21 February 2018, during the television show Matrix, against the then first citizen of the 5 Star Movement, assisted by the lawyer Alessandro Mancori. Sgarbi had targeted the administration led by Raggi in relation to the hypothesis of demolishing an Art Nouveau villa in Piazza Caprera, in the Trieste district.

Sgarbi’s attack on the then mayor of Rome

“The announced destruction of liberty villas in Rome, first denounced by me and by Italia Nostra, confirms the most disturbing of prospects: today’s Rome is like Ciancimino’s Palermo – Sgarbi stated during the broadcast -, and the mayor of Rome, distracted by the defense of the city, is objectively an accomplice in this criminal action. M5s in Rome today is like the Christian Democrats in Palermo in the 70s”. The process has been adjourned to November 9th.