Vittorio Sgarbi, what they offered to his daughter to participate in the Gf Vip

Many wonder how much they have offered to Vittorio Sgarbi’s daughter to participate in the GF VIP: the figure is truly a scream.

Although the GF VIP is a highly coveted reality show, it would seem that not everyone likes to participate. This is precisely what he clearly hinted at Vittorio Sgarbi in speaking of his daughter Evelina. In fact, in recent days, the very young art lover has ended up at the center of attention for having refused the audition for the famous program conducted by Alfonso Signorini.

Daughter Sgarbi. Credits: Instagram

Who knows how the beloved Italian face will have taken it when he discovered that Vittorio Sgarbi’s daughter has deserted the audition of the GF Vip four times, while he has self-nominated without any response. On the other hand, the words of the art critic caused a sensation! According to what we learn from her revelations, it would seem that the young Evelina has blatantly rejected the reality show against her will. What, however, many ask is you: how much you had been offered to participate? According to what we learn from the words of her father, it would seem that this is a rather considerable figure. “Participating would have been convenient for her, she made herself known”, Vittorio Sgarbi told Il corriere della sera to comment on his daughter’s decision.

How much they offered to Sgarbi’s daughter to participate in the GF Vip

Already in Novella 2000, Vittorio Sgarbi he had revealed that he did not agree at all with his choice daughter to give up the GF VIP, but it is precisely to Il corriere della sera who confirmed it. According to what we learn from the words of the art critic, it would seem that the young Evelina did not want to participate in the reality show because she is aware that this is not a suitable environment for her. “She feared negative publicity, gossip, it didn’t seem like a program worthy of her”, has explained. Of a completely opposite opinion to that of the young Sgarbi, obviously, there is her father, who did nothing but reiterate how much this was an opportunity not to be missed. “If one has a strong character, she knows how to defend herself, even in a degraded environment, otherwise it means that she does not have a high regard for herself”, he said again.

In the course of his interview with Il corriere della sera, however, Vittorio Sgarbi also revealed the fee offered to his daughter, underlining how much this money was certainly convenient for her. Do you know what the amount is? “They had offered her 100 thousand euros”, he said. A figure, let’s face it, decidedly considerable and that would have served her a lot. “He did not crucify me”, he said again.

rude daughter gf vip
Evelina Sgarbi. Credits: Instagram

Vittorio Sgarbi’s words, therefore, make it clear how much Evelina’s decision was not shared by him at all. But what would you have done?