Vivo, the future of China’s emerging smartphone leader is in Europe

The company will invest in our continent by duplicating its presence: the interview

Present in Europe for just over a year and a half, Vivo is one of the most interesting emerging tech companies on the market, able to reach first place in the Chinese market in 2021 and fifth in the world. “Vivo entered Italy in October 2020, today we are present in 10 countries in Europe which are set to double this year”, he explains Lindoro Ettore Patriarca, Marketing & Retail Director I live in Italy. “The reception of the offer has been excellent, in a short time we have defined all the commercial agreements both on the operator and retailer side, and today we have a range on the market that includes seven models in all, in the three segments X, V and Y. Ad today we have already achieved a brand awareness of 50 percent, and as far as sales are concerned, the performances are very good in the medium range, between 200 and 300 euros. 60% of the Italian market is made up of products under 300 euros, and 50% under 200“.

Vivo has stood out in recent months for launching models with an unusual design with bold choices, such as the V23 that changes color in the sunlight. “Design today is one of the main aspects that are taken into consideration when choosing a smartphone,” says Patriarca. “Our V23 is the perfect example of a product with important technological innovations thanks to the front camera, combined with an innovative and sophisticated look. The most important thing, however, is how the innovations are applied, in this case for example with the dual tone spotlight on the front camera which profoundly changes its appearance, but at the same time has the function of improving the brightness when taking a selfie. However, this leaves room for experimentation on the aesthetic sector: the Sunshine Gold color of the V23 changes in contact with sunlight, for example. Design has always had a static meaning in the form factor of smartphones, and this is a completely new concept “.

Like all other companies in the sector, even the emerging Vivo finds itself having to satisfy the growing demand from customers and institutions regarding the requirements of durability, sustainability and repairability of technological devices. Patriarca explains how the Chinese company is ready to comply with these standards: “To ensure a quality user experience, software is fundamental: on the one hand it gives solidity to the photographic sector which is certainly one of the most important aspects in a smartphone, and we have seen in our partnership with Zeiss where it was necessary to optimize the software in order to make everything work at its best. Vivo guarantees three years of Android updates on all smartphonesincluding the main builds which are two versions on the Y and V series and three versions on the X series. The software is optimized not to overburden the hardware and keep the phone functional and responsive, so much so that our customization of Android, the FunTouch OS, is very linear and essential, very similar to stock Android “.

For the future, the company’s aims are for further expansion in Europe: “In China we were the first brand for the whole of 2021, but Europe is one of the areas in expansion for our market. , where we will soon go from ten to twenty countries in which we operate, and the whole Asia-Pacific area. A peculiar aspect of Vivo is not having the same range of products in all countries, each market has a slightly different range from the others: in Europe, for example, some models present in China have not been launched because we believe that the first step is to acquire consumer confidence. the Vivo X Fold, a product of which we are very proud because it reaches a high level of technological innovation. Even if at the moment it is not marketed in Europe, it is not an experiment for us as an end in itself, the entire research and development group of the company has worked on it, which focuses heavily on the innovations to be progressively introduced all over the world “. Finally, Vivo also looks with interest to the video game and Esports market. “We have been partners of the Serie A Esports League since the first edition, we have provided hardware to give players the opportunity to train, this is an important market: in Italy more than 15 million people are gamersand most use smart devices: performance, duration and display are fundamental, and in the software of our smartphones there are modes dedicated to the game and the ability to change the refresh rate according to your needs “.