Vladlen Tatarsky, who was the blogger killed in St. Petersburg

He died from the explosion of a bomb in a club

The pro-Putin blogger killed by a bomb in a St. Petersburg club. Vladlen Tatarsky, born Maksim Fomin, died from the explosion of a bomb contained in a statuette that was delivered to him in the room where he was the guest of honor at an event. Fomin, followed on Telegram by over 560 thousand people since 2019, was known for his pro-Putin positions and for his total support for the invasion of Ukraine ‘seasoned’ with some critical positions for the lackluster results obtained on the ground.

Tatarsky had spared no criticism of the strategies chosen by the military leaders and had condemned the disappointing results. In May of last year, contacted by CNN, he specified that the criticisms did not concern “the military operation as a whole” but only “individual episodes”.

In the last year he had also attended events in the Kremlin, in particular the ceremony in which President Vladimir Putin signed the treaties for the annexations of the regions taken from Ukraine. In that circumstance, Fomin had released a video stating that “we will kill and rob everyone we have to”, referring to the military operation. In 2014, Fomin-Tatarsky took up arms by joining the separatists in Donbass.