Voghera, Adriatici renounces the preliminary hearing and requests immediate judgment

The former councilor for security of the Municipality is accused of culpable excess in self-defense

The former councilor for security of the Municipality of Voghera, Massimo Adriatici, accused of culpable excess in self-defense in the criminal proceedings following the death of Boussettoui Yunes, which took place in the square of the Lombard town in July 2021, filed a waiver last March 8 the preliminary hearing set for March 13, with a request to the investigating judge, Pasquale Villani, to issue the immediate judgment decree. The lawyers of Adriatici, Gabriele Pipicelli and Colette Gazzaniga, to which the lawyer Luca Gastini communicate it in a note. “This choice – underlines the note from the former councilor’s defense team – is supported by his desire to clarify the facts in a public trial, thus avoiding the renewal of the diffusion, as unfortunately happened several times in the past by some social web and of a limited part of the press, of news that does not correspond to the facts and the results of the investigations”. According to the lawyers “already from reading the sources of evidence indicated in the request for indictment, elements can be deduced that disavow defamatory and distorted statements that have been spread against the defendant outside and before the due process to which he is entitled”.

Underlining that Adriatici “once again reaffirms his deepest regret for the loss of a human life and for the pain of the family members of poor Boussettoui Yunes”, his lawyers explain that the former councilor “has given up a trial phase scheduled for his guarantee, which is precisely the preliminary hearing, choosing to defend himself publicly through a hearing in which we believe it will be definitively demonstrated that his conduct, as clearly shown by the video visible to everyone on the net, was that of a citizen who he limited himself to defending himself against a violent attack”.