Volandri: “Sinner aims for number 1, Italy to win the Davis Cup title”

The Italian captain analyzes Sinner’s moment and Davis’ chances

Sinner future number 1 in the world? He works for thishe has improved a lot and still has great room for improvement, so why not.” Thus the Italian Davis Cup captain Filippo Volandri, at Adnkronos, on Jannik Sinner, current number 4 in the ATP rankings. The South Tyrolean champion withdrew from Paris Bercy, after playing until 2.30 am and winning against the American Mackenzie McDonald. In the round of 16, Sinner should have played around 5.30pm, after just 14-15 hours.

“Was the retirement an advantage for Davis? It all comes later, I don’t make that type of reasoning. I’m interested in Jannik, his health, his growth and the rest comes later. The one who has lost out is Jannik first and foremost, the tournament and the system, but it’s good that it happens because that’s what they realize. It’s true that the players are paid well, but that doesn’t mean they have to be ready to do anything”, underlined Volandri, who added thinking about the match against the Netherlands scheduled for 23 November.

“The Davis Cup is more complex, but it is for everyone. You cannot afford to make mistakes: if you play two singles and a doubles on the same day, two sets out of three, it is obvious that the risk increases, especially on fast surfaces, as was Bologna or Malaga last year, and presumably what Malaga will be like this year, flattens everything a bit, but that’s it,” he added.

Italy’s goal is to get to the end, we are a strong team that can aspire to the title. It’s sad that Matteo Berrettini isn’t with us, but we have just as many strong, fit, growing, young players and we must be proud of them. If it’s not this year, it will be one of the next years, but we’re obviously working towards that. However, it’s not just us, because there’s Serbia, Canada who won last year, Australia who is a team that always gets to the bottom, and a Netherlands to beat in the quarterfinals who as we’ve seen this week too it has some very strong players”, underlined Volandri.

The Italian captain, returning to talk about Berrettini, said: “I talk a lot with Matteo, he is restructuring himself, he is training, he is investing in himself for next season, and it is a positive sign because it means that he still believes in it. The change of coach? They are personal choices, both end up with an excellent relationship, and this is not a given, but we always move forward with the aim of growing”, concluded Volandri.