Volleyball, General Vannacci: “Egonu leaves? Meritocracy always the right criterion”

“I’m not an expert, but if the coach has decided so, he’ll have his reasons”

“In the first place I have to say: what center? If the coach has decided that she should be replaced… I’m not an expert, but if the coach has decided so, he will have his reasons”. So at Adnkronos General Roberto Vannacci, author of the much discussed book ‘The world upside down’he replies to those who ask him for a comment on the volleyball player Paola Egonu who is leaving the national team after failing to call up for the Olympic qualification scheduled in Lodz, Poland, from 16 to 24 September.

Precisely the considerations on Egonu whose “physical features do not represent Italianness” are among those that have most caused discussion of Vannacci’s book. “I like volleyball but I don’t have the time to follow it, I don’t know what the decisions that produced this result may have been, basically I trust the coaches and these decisions will have been taken with good reason”, underlines Vannacci, who adds: “I can’t even say whether I’m sorry or not, I referred to Egonu because she’s a well-known person who represents Italy… Then honestly, if there’s someone better than her, it’s only right that she goes to the national team.”

“In my opinion, meritocracy, especially in sport, but everywhere and in any sector, is the right criterion for moving people forward. – underlines Vannacci – And that’s exactly what I say in my book: regardless of any requirement, from the color of skin, religion, sexual orientation, belonging to certain categories, what matters must be meritocracy: if one is good, what does it matter what one does in private life? I mentioned the volleyball player Egonu first of all because I think she is good, but I don’t have the qualities to tell if there are more or less good players than her…”.