Volvo expands ultra-fast charging network, 4.5 million km driven electric in 2 years

The second Powerstop plant inaugurated in Rome (22 in Italy) while the Swedish company celebrates the success of the EX30. Crisci can be a game changer in the market

Volvo ‘celebrates’ the excellent reception of the latest addition to its electric range, the EX30 (which is not only among the finalists of the Car of the Year, but has also totaled approximately 1,730 sales in Italy even before its marketing) and does so by accelerating the necessary infrastructure such as charging stations. With the inauguration in Rome of a new 100 kw ultra-rapid station – at the CAR Room dealership – the number of Powerstop systems installed by Volvo in our country in the last two years has risen to 22, and the ceremony allowed us to take stock of this project and to anticipate the short and medium term developments of the initiative.

Promoted in 2021 by Volvo Car Italy in collaboration with the network of official Volvo dealerships in Italy to encourage the spread of electric mobility in our country on a national scale, the Powerstop project is in line with Volvo Cars’ strategic choice in favor of electrification : a strategy which – explains Michele Crisci, President of Volvo Car Italia – “is global, it has been decided for years, we are convinced of it and we do not think of revisiting it. Furthermore, in Italy the EX30 is marking a milestone in electrification: I am convinced that be a ‘game changer’ not only for Volvo but for the entire electric market.”

Another 22 were added to the first Volvo ultrafast charging station activated in February 2022 in Perugia, and in this period there were 39,000 top-ups for a total of 4.5 million km traveled with the top-ups provided by Powerstop for a total of 910 megawatt hour: a very long ‘zero emissions journey’ which translated into 547 tonnes of CO2 in the exhaust not emitted and therefore saved.

Furthermore, this experience has allowed us to draw a portrait of the ‘electric’ customer: there are 23 kWh of energy per average charge, equal to a range recovery of 115 km with a stop duration of 17 minutes. Refills must be carried out in systems that are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The most used Volvo Powerstops were Milan (6,903 refills), Verona (6,473 refills) and Ferrara (4,429 refills).

This – underlined Crisci – “is an unprecedented initiative. We were the first car manufacturer to commit through concrete investments in the creation of a network of fast charging stations accessible to all motorists”. In fact, the stations are also accessible to customers of different brands, and thanks to a program of new inaugurations their number should soon reach 30. Volvo Car Italia and Volvo dealers will also activate 20 50 kW charging stations to increase capillarity and versatility of the service and reach an overall network of around 50 points in 2024.

In a sign of growing attention to the simplicity of the charging process, Volvo also aims to offer users of the Powerstop network credit card charging, without having to resort to different apps or cards for each provider. All on the basis of the Regulation issued this year by the European Parliament which provides that managers of charging points accessible to the public must give end users the possibility of charging by paying by credit card (from April 2024 for new charging infrastructures, from 1 January 2027 for all, including existing ones).