“Walk like penguins”, the advice of Scottish doctors for the cold wave

On social X the three steps to learn

“Walk like penguins.” Scottish doctors are urging everyone to imitate the waddling gait of polar birds to avoid catastrophic slips on the ice, resulting in fractures and clogging of emergency rooms. For four days now, Great Britain, and especially Scotland, have been hit by a wave of winter frost, with peaks of -14 degrees and a snow warning still remaining today.

So the invitation is to imitate those who know the most about the cold. “Remember, when it comes to walking on ice, penguins know what’s best. When you find yourself outside over the next few days, adopting the penguin gait is really effective for walking without falling,” says Dr. Emilia Crighton, from Health public in Glasgow. “Walking like a penguin may seem silly, but the alternative could be a bad fracture or even hospitalization“, he warns.

The local health company (Nhs Greater Glasgow and Clyde) has released a three-step guide on the social network health service offices.