Walter Veltroni to L’Ospite on Sky TG24: “We are in a phase of disorder in the world”

The journalist and writer, former secretary of the Democratic Party, was the protagonist of the political appointment with Massimo Leoni. Among the topics at the center of the question and answer, the main issues of political current affairs, including: the race to the Quirinale, the future of the center-left and the fate of the European Union, without forgetting, in the closing days of Cop26 in Glasgow, the environment

“We are in a phase of disorder in the world”. Thus Walter Veltroni, protagonist of “L’Ospite”, a political meeting on Saturday afternoon on Sky TG24 conducted by Massimo Leoni, began the interview talking about the balance between the various countries and, in particular, the relationship between Italy and China and the need to solve the climate crisis. Among the topics at the center of the question and answer with the journalist and writer, former secretary of the Democratic Party, the main issues of political affairs, including: the race to the Quirinale, the future of the center-left and the fate of the European Union, without forget the environment during the closing days of Cop26 in Glasgow.

“Cop26, we need to leap forward”

On the G20 in Rome and the COP26, Veltroni believes that some progress has been made “but here it is not a problem of steps, we need to make leaps forward. With the seriousness and responsibility that one must know that the ecological transition is not a walk, involves costs, burdens, sacrifices and even radical changes in habits, we are in a situation in which either the necessary determinations will be taken to reduce the temperature increases, or the risk is to have social and political consequences, also in terms of very serious conflicts “. “There is no doubt that the more developed countries – he added – have contributed to creating this condition of alteration of the environmental balance. However, here we need to make decisions that can only be addressed on a global scale”.

“Democracy must recover relations with voters”

Asked whether alternative democracies, which we call authoritarian and non-liberal, are incomplete or are the future, Veltroni highlighted how democracy should decide, “if it does not decide and postpone decisions, in the end an alternative desire for decision arises. We are. in a really difficult period. We have been and in part we are, if there was not this condition of support before the ECB now by Europe, still in a situation of serious economic crisis, the longest because it began in 2008, then the pandemic has arrived, there has been a consequent social crisis. This generates a need for decisions and either democracy is able to respond to this need, or other solutions will emerge. In human history, democracy has been an exception, in the 1900s we conquered it in different stages and at the cost of millions of deaths, but it is not obvious. It is the form of government we are used to, but it is not the only one. There may be other forms of government which, perhaps with the consent of the citizens, can correspond to this need for decisions. This is why democracy, before it is too late, must rediscover its relationship with the voters, must respect their will and above all must guarantee stability and decisions “.

“Luckily there is Draghi, but the challenge is not over”

On the current situation in Italy, the former secretary of the Democratic Party declared that, after having lived through a fairly anomalous legislature. Now it is fortunate to have Mario Draghi at Palazzo Chigi and his authority which, according to Veltroni, have made us recover positions in the EU, “but we are at the beginning of the work, if we want to have the huge amount of European resources, we must do an important series of reforms in a short space of time, so the challenge is not over “. Returning to the governments that have followed one another in Italy, the politician admits that in recent years there have always been executives against someone and something, while one should be done “for school, research, work, the environment”.

“New President of the Republic must be the guarantor of the citizens”

Turning to the topic of the election of the new President of the Republic, Veltroni hoped that “it will take place in a climate that corresponds to the current state of mind of the country, I hope that the image of a frayed Parliament with dozens of votes will be spared” . As to who could fill the role of post Mattarella, the former Pd secretary said that “a sense of responsibility is needed to ensure the country a President of the Republic who is the guarantor of all and the continuation of the legislature is needed to conclude the reforms necessary to ensure resources that Italy needs. This would be an orderly outcome, because the only thing that Italy cannot afford is a situation as happened in the past, for example in 1992. The important thing is that there is balance between an authoritative President of the Republic and an equally authoritative Prime Minister “.

“In democracy there are no de facto”

On the possibility that Draghi could go up to the Quirinale and represent a de facto semi-presidentialism, Veltroni instead warns that “in democracy there can be no ‘de facto’, there are rules and those rules must be respected, the rules of the game must be safeguarded”. Then recalling the Ciampi method, the former Pd secretary explained how the election to the Quirinale of the former president of the Bank of Italy came about. A method that “first of all was born from Ciampi’s authority. Then we needed a presidency that guaranteed everyone and I met Fini and Casini of the PDL and we discussed this hypothesis that convinced them. Such was its strength … and since then those who had political responsibility he was able to guarantee the support of his parliamentarians, we elected him at the first vote “.

Massimo Leoni’s Guest

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