Wanda Nara together with her sister: beauty really belongs to the family

Have you ever seen Wanda Nara’s sister? The similarity is visible but what doesn’t go unnoticed is the beauty!

Wanda Nara today he is a very important character in the Italian show business but his debut took place in Argentina, a country that saw his birth. On her web we read that her debut took place between 2005 and 2006 on the Argentine stages as a showgirl.

Wanda Nara, sister (credits: instagram)

She was later a competitor in several TV programs until she moved to Italy with her then husband Maxi Lopez, with whom she had three sons. In 2013 the couple divorced. Today she is married to Mauro Icardi and she has become his sports attorney. She and the footballer had two daughters. Since she arrived in Italy she has started to move a lot in the show, for example in 2020 Alfonso Signorini wanted her alongside her together with Pupo in the role of columnist.

On social media, given its enormous popularity, it is very popular. There are over 13 million people who follow it and over 6 thousand images published to date. In her biography we read that she is the mother of 5 children and reports the name of the brand she created, WANDA COSMETICS. The site deals with the creation and production of beauty products and cosmetics for body care. She is often the showgirl who shows the effect of her make-up and creams through the publication of photos. Among the images of her there are also many of the family. For example, in recent weeks he has shared several photos with his sister Zaira: have you ever seen it? We cannot but admit that beauty belongs to the family!

Wanda Nara, have you ever seen her sister? Both beautiful, you will notice a certain similarity

She is followed on social networks by over 13 million followers, Wanda Nara is very famous today. On his instagram channel, given the large following, you can imagine that everything he publishes does not go unnoticed.

In the last few weeks the showgirl has spent some time between relaxation, sun, sea and lots of love. In fact, in many stories she shared she showed many beautiful family shots. In all of them she shows off an outfit that is always particular and costumes that are never banal. For example, she wore a one-piece blue bikini with a teddy bear drawn on it. The photo received many likes and comments and Icardi’s compliment also arrived: “Linda “. Wanda is a very beautiful woman and apparently her beauty belongs to the family, why do we say that? Have you ever seen his sister? She is wonderful too!

Wanda nara sister
Wanda Nara, sister (credits: instagram)

Here is the showgirl with her sister, Zaira Nara. The similarity between the two women is there and it is clearly visible, since they have some facial features in common such as the look, only that Wanda is very blond with some darker shades inside and Zaira is brown.