Wanda Nara unrecognizable: goodbye blond, “My natural color”

Wanda Nara unrecognizable: goodbye blond, “My natural color”; the showgirl amazed everyone with the latest images shared on social networks.

As many as 15, 6 million followers on Instagram, where it hardly goes unnoticed. Wanda Nara is one of the most talked about characters of the moment, and not only for the turbulent break with Mauro Icardi. The model and showgirl is a real one stars on social mediawhere he shares several images related to his work, but also moments of daily life, in the company of his beloved children.

Wanda Nara (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

And just the last video shared by Argentina on its official Instagram channel has left everyone speechless. The reason? Nara showed up with hers natural hair color: really strange not to see her blonde! Curious to find out her latest ‘head shot’? She will amaze you.

Wanda Nara shows herself with her natural color: what a transformation!

Became famous in Italy above all because of the bond, sentimental and working, with the Argentine striker Icardi, today Wanda Nara he is a real star in our country. She where she made herself better known on TV thanks to the role of commentator at GF Vip, a few years ago, chosen by Alfonso Signorini to support Pupo. An unprecedented experience for the then Lady Icardi, who showed different facets of herself, entering the heart of the public. Audience that today continues to follow her on social networks, in particular on Instagram, where Wanda is super active. Her profile has more than 15 million followers, from every corner of the world. There she shares photos and videos of her days and it is very rare that a Nara content does not attract the attention of the web. For example, have you seen the latest video, shared a few hours ago by Wanda on Instagram?

Argentina is struggling with a new business project, which he defines as “very nice”, but which he does not reveal the details of. What he shows, however, is his new hair color, chosen for the occasion. As stated in the caption of the post, it is precisely the natural color of the beautiful Wanda, which we are used to seeing with her blonde hair. Well, forget that image and take a look:

wanda nara natural color
Wanda Nara with her natural color (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

Oh yes, Wanda Nara without her iconic blond looks almost like another person, but the result is absolutely ‘wow’: natural hair and little makeup, Simply enchanting. A shower of compliments and likes invaded the showgirl’s post, which she convinced everyone of her with hers ‘morocha’ version. “Change, everything changes”, wrote Wanda in the caption attached to the video shot in Buenos Aires, which in a short time has collected thousands and thousands of likes and comments. All full of compliments for her, who confirms herself as one of the most popular women of the moment. And you, what do you think of this ‘new’ Wanda?