Wandering around the city with a 100,000 euro outfit: he left everyone stunned

The beloved character goes around the city with a 100 thousand euro outfit: he left everyone stunned.

The characters of the entertainment world they often buy items or even clothes and accessories that not everyone can afford. These belong to very important brands and the cost is not always accessible. There are many famous people who work with such purchases, in what way? Through sponsorships.

In fact, on social media they show an item of clothing or an accessory that is a bag or a jewel after starting a collaboration with those who produced them. Followers are always attentive to what is posted by those who follow. Even a simple manicure can be taken as an example, if it is particular or you like it a lot. Then there are those who do not mind expenses and often show off outfits whose cost is very high.

For example, a beloved character from the world of entertainment he dared to go out with the look, 100 thousand euros between dress, shoes and bag. This isn’t the first time she’s stunned by showing off in clothing whose value isn’t for everyone: everything luxury seems to be in her closet. But have you seen the outfit we are talking about? We show you the social photo in which she appears with a very designer look.

She goes around the city with a 100 thousand euro outfit: this is how she showed herself to everyone

His name is often on the lips of many, not only for everything he has done in recent years but also for his love story. Georgina Rodriguez she became very well known all over the world and her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo widened her fame even more.

Before meeting the player, she was a saleswoman in a bag shop: how do we know? On the poster advertising the arrival of his docuseries, a blow-up of him appears, accompanied by the inscription: “Before he sold bags in Serrano, now he collects them “. And this is how before meeting Cristiano his life was very quiet. Soon after, everything changed and the relationship brought her great notoriety. Notoriety that thanks to the many jobs she started doing in the entertainment world she has grown more and more. Georgina is very stylish and she knows a lot about fashion. All of her looks are crazy but an outfit from a few weeks ago was striking, why? It is worth about 100 thousand euros.

100 thousand outfit (credits: instagram)

Ronaldo’s partner in fact sported a short blue dress with a particular pattern. Stella McCartney is signed and on the website the full price is around 1700 euros. She then added Le Silla sandals that cost, at least when she wore them, around 634 euros. Lastly, there is the bag, whose price is very substantial. It is a Hermès Birkin model that would cost around 92 thousand euros. This apparently is a very luxurious outfit!