Wanna Marchi and daughter at ‘It’s not the Arena’

Sunday 9 October on La7 the interview with Massimo Giletti after the Netflix docuseries

Tomorrow, Sunday 9 October at 9.15 pm on La7, in front of the cameras of “It is not the ArenaWanna Brands and daughter Stefania Nobile they will tell in an interview with Massimo Giletti, for the first time on generalist TV in many years, their truth by retracing the incredible story that saw them as protagonists and on which the docuserie entitled ‘Wanna’ was recently made by Fremantle, available on Netflix starting September 21.

There is also room for a long study on the most current domestic and international politics with the journalists Paolo Mieli, Alessandro Sallusti and Gad Lerner.

Among the central topics of the episode the energy crisis with a focus on expensive bills. What winter awaits us? Will it be a Christmas without lights and in the cold with a risk of blackout?

Then many connections and guests to talk about the citizenship income that continues to be discussed and divided between its supporters and its detractors.