‘Wanting is power’, the new podcast of interviews by La Ragione

Protagonists of the first episode, Filippo Magnini and Giorgia Palmas

From today on the main streaming platforms it is available ‘Wanting is power ‘the new podcast of interviews of the newspaper La Ragione conducted by the director Fulvio Giuliani. Each episode will see a face of our country as the protagonist: from management to publishing, from sport to entertainment and much more. The first episode, directly from the cycle of summer meetings organized by La Ragione, ‘Voices and stories in Porto Cervo’, is dedicated to Filippo Magnini and Giorgia Palmas. In an unprecedented and profound chat with the Director Giuliani, the couple talks about themselves without filters, touching on different aspects of their careers and their private lives.

Filippo Magnini enchants with the memories of the two world titles of 2005 and 2007, but above all with the ‘behind the scenes’. He does not call them ‘sacrifices’, but ‘choices’ of life. Beside her Giorgia Palmas, far from the cliché of a category of lightness and appearance. Without her, not only would there not be a great duo, but perhaps the two-time world champion in the 100m freestyle would not be the man he is now. In her battle against doping accusations, Giorgia Palmas had, in fact, a fundamental role. Among the protagonists of the next episodes the actress and writer Giorgia Surina and two of the most well-known faces of Italian management, the CEO of Microsoft Italy, Silvia Candiani, and the CEO of Ibm Italia, Stefano Rebattoni.

The ‘Volere è power’ podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcast https://app.singlelink.co/u/volereèpotere.