War and elections, Tabacci speaks: “Italy will play its part for Ukraine, Draghi like De Gasperi”

The war in Ukraine and the Marshall plan to rebuild it “with Italy playing its part”, passing through the elections in Lombardy, “the willingness to help is there”, the next electoral law, “I hope it is proportional , in the interest of citizens “and Prime Minister Draghi’s trip to the US” like De Gasperi “. Bruno Tabacci, 75, Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council with responsibility for economic coordination, takes stock with Adnkronos at a crucial moment for the country, a few months before the election, against the backdrop of growing tensions of a part of the majority of government related to the conflict in Ukraine. “I don’t think that the government pact on the arms issue in Ukraine will break – affirms Tabacci – and in any case the problem would eventually be who decides to break”.

For Tabacci “the distinction made between offensive weapons and defensive weapons is a discussion of goat wool”. Peace, says the undersecretary, “will be due to the heroism of the Ukrainian people” but “if we had not helped Ukraine, we would have consigned to history a crime, the submission, if not dispersion or worse, of an entire people”. In his recent trip to the USA, Tabacci observes, Prime Minister Mario Draghi “exposed to Biden the need for Europe to make every effort necessary to achieve peace in Ukraine. Just as an extraordinary effort will be needed to rebuild the country invaded by Russia at the end of the conflict. It is our duty because Italy is part of the world consortium represented by the West and our premier since February 24 has always been a convinced supporter of Ukraine’s entry into Europe. we will do our part “.

Italy, the undersecretary points out, “finally has a leadership and credibility that is internationally appreciated and recognized. It is necessary to be truly provincial to pretend not to see this upgrade of our country in the world”. The premier’s speech at the American Congress convinced him: “He was tall, strong, courageous – he admits -. Only De Gasperi earned the same credit in the US. And a slanderous minority also raised slander against him about his relationship with the Americans. False and spurious arguments on which it makes little sense even to stop and discuss “.

Discussions have also concerned Finland in the past few hours, determined to be part of NATO “Also in this case – observes Tabacci – the criticisms that are also recorded in our country by those who would not want Finland to decide autonomously His future. The Baltic republics have done so in the past. Evidently he no longer feels secure after what happened on the western borders of Russia. Proof that Putin made a political mistake, as well as a huge military mistake by invading Ukraine. His moves they are turning against him like a boomerang. ” On the contrary, Tabacci points out, Finland’s entry into NATO “is to be welcomed, because it represents a further contribution to European security”.

Looking at the regional elections, the name of Tabacci is circulating with insistence as a candidate in pectore for the leadership of the Lombardy Region, in the center-left: “As far as I’m concerned, I have nothing to ask – assures Tabacci, former president of the Lombardy Region in 1987. -1989 -. Being governor is a job that I have already done however. As a man of the institutions, answering a specific question I simply affirmed my willingness to give a hand to my Region in any case if asked, as I believe anyone should do has gained some useful experience for their community “.

An experience, continues Tabacci, “which has grown over the years, having also had the honor of holding the position of Budget Councilor in the Pisapia council of the Municipality of Milan and of being a Lombard deputy for several legislatures”. But, he explains, “I am not asking anything, I am perfectly happy in the role in which I am, honored to be able to work in the Draghi government, a premier towards whom I have deep esteem and with whom I am united by a forty-year friendship”. Then he adds: “What I do I can continue to do also because I presume that, for the reasons I explained above and for many others, the current Prime Minister will be needed beyond 2023. Italy is experiencing a moment that can be of extraordinary growth or very dangerous for its future: I hope that citizens and political forces will prove mature and aware of the next steps “.

All the more reason, in view of the elections, Tabacci hopes that the next electoral law will be “a proportional system, to free the voters from the false bipolarity of recent years and allow them to choose their own representatives, even with preferences”. As for a wide field hoped for by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, which brings together the left, the Five Star Movement and other forces such as Action by Carlo Calenda “I hope it will also stand up – warns Tabacci – but for this to happen there is a need of a great generosity on the part of everyone and not an excess of personalization “.