War in Israel, Raz Degan: “I am very saddened, I fear for everyone’s children”

Visibly moved by what is happening in Israel, Raz Degan takes a deep breath before telling us how he feels, there are so many emotions he feels inside himself these days. It is very difficult not to be able to do anything when your loved ones are far away and are there, where bombs explode and people die every day. Let’s talk about the rave in the Negev desert, about those kids who were dancing and having fun, as happens in many other parts of the world, and were hit, killed, kidnapped. “If I had been in Israel I probably would have participated too” Raz tells us, saddened and worried. “The images I receive every day from my family members who are still there are not science fiction, they are not a film: it’s all true. But where will we end up?” he wonders.

I fear for everyone’s children

“As a child I lived inside bunkers, I know what it means to hear bombs. I saw my father worried, leaving home to go fight. I lived through the Lebanon war. Then I also served in the military. Being a free man, in my journey I have always tried to do my best to spread a message of hope, especially to the younger generations: everyone must have the hope of being surrounded by love, of travelling, of dreaming. If we take all this away, who are we? Where do we want to go? I believe that every mother wants to see their children grow up, peacefully. And I fear precisely this: I fear for everyone’s children, and I am very saddened when I see what is happening. Violence brings violence, blood brings blood, revenge brings revenge: it’s a never-ending story. I’m scared for my loved ones, for all the people involved.”

A pen is always stronger than a sword

“I have always thought that the pen is stronger than a sword. I collaborated for some years with UNHCR, donating money to build schools in numerous parts of the world precisely because I believe education, for everyone, is fundamental. It is the only path: give a child a pen, not a rifle. Educate him. Make him understand that we are all the same. We must not teach to kill and hate, we must always have hope in our hearts. Terror is a face of dark power, without a soul, not we have to let ourselves be overwhelmed.”