War in the Middle East, Biden: “Defending Ukraine and Israel is in our interest”

Hamas like Russian President Vladimir Putin “represent different threats but they have one thing in common: they want to destroy the democracies” that are close to them. “We can’t let them win. I refuse to let that happen.” Joe Biden launched his appeal from the Oval Office to the Americans and to Congress: continuing to support and defend Israel and Ukraine is “in our interest, it is vital to our national security”.

“Our leadership holds the world together”

The American president describes a world at a “turning point in history. American leadership is what holds the world together. We are still a beacon today. Our values ​​make us a partner that other countries want to work with. It’s not worth it Putting all this is risk by dumping Ukraine or turning your back on Israel.” Biden tells Americans about his recent visit to Israel and the horror of the Hamas attack, reiterating that the explosion at the Gaza hospital was not caused by Israel.

“You can’t give up on peace”

Biden does not forget the Palestinians. “The United States remains committed to its right to dignity and self-determination. The actions of Hamas terrorists do not make it disappear. We cannot ignore the humanity of innocent Palestinians who just want to live in peace and have an opportunity,” Biden says according to who “cannot give up on peace. We cannot give up on the two-state solution”.

Request for 100 billion to Congress

On Ukraine, Biden explains why it is necessary to stop Putin. “History has taught us that when dictators don’t pay they can cause more death and destruction. So if we don’t stop Putin’s appetite for power and control of Ukraine, it won’t just be limited” to Kiev, he says. And in this context Biden is preparing to ask Congress for a package – estimated according to rumors at 100 billion dollars – “to finance America’s national security needs by supporting our partners, including Israel and Ukraine”. A measure that arrives in a divided Congress and without the Speaker of the House, and which the president asks to put aside politics and act in the national interest.