War in the Middle East, Schlein: “Let’s isolate Hamas, very serious attack”

The secretary of the Democratic Party spoke in the Chamber of Deputies: “The Italian government favors the resumption of dialogue between the parties to avoid an escalation that would undermine civil coexistence. We ask that the government and the EU take up this appeal. Let us avoid a humanitarian catastrophe”

In her speech in the Chamber, the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein defined the attack on Israel as very serious, a country which must be recognized as having “the right to exist and defend itself” in line with international law. “The just aspirations of the Palestinians – she added – risk being compromised by Hamas’s own action: confusing the Palestinians with Hamas would be doing a disservice to the aspirations of a people and doing Hamas itself a favour”. “The solution of two peoples and two states – continued the leader of the Democratic Party – is the only objective that we must pursue. All efforts must be made to avoid a military escalation: we ask that the government and the international community welcome the appeal of the WHO to create humanitarian corridors and to continue the supply of humanitarian aid”. “Let’s avoid a humanitarian catastrophe, let’s continue the supply of water, electricity and essential goods to the Palestinian people. We appeal for humanitarian aid to continue, let’s not use the Hamas argument to attack aid, it would be a favor to Hamas, let’s isolate Hamas among the people Palestinian and in the Arab world, we defend the innocent” added the dem leader (HAMAS-ISRAEL WAR, ALL UPDATES – THE SPECIAL).

“A very serious act of aggression by Hamas”

“On behalf of the PD group, I express my condolences for all the victims and concern for the hostages, including the two Italians whose traces have been lost. Make every effort to protect the lives of the children and achieve their immediate release” continued Schlein.

“That of Hamas is a very serious act of aggression, an action to be condemned without ambiguity, as done by a large part of the international community.” “The terrorists were careful not to hit military targets: kids dancing, kibbutzim. Saturday’s attacks are the worst acts of violence in the last 50 years”, underlined the PD secretary. ” Hamas’s objective of dealing the final blow to the PNA is clear. We must prevent that plan from coming to fruition. Israel has the right to exist, it must be clearly reiterated, it has the right to defend itself, as stated in the EU declaration; the right Palestinians’ aspirations for peace and freedom risk being further victims of Hamas. The only division to emerge now is between those who want lasting peace and those who want terror”, he concluded.