War in Ukraine, a minister in the UK evokes a return to compulsory military service

Hypotheses related to the return of military service (abolished on the island since 1960, in favor of a professional army model), against the backdrop of the winds of war fueled in Europe by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, are also beginning to circulate in the United Kingdom . The Defense Minister himself, Ben Wallace, a former career officer, expressed his wish, in a formal discussion with some journalists on the sidelines of a meeting with his Swedish colleague Pol Jonson, dedicated to reaffirming full British support for NATO integration of Sweden and Finland (UKRAINE WAR: ALL UPDATES LIVE).

“We are all envious of the reserves of Sweden and Finland”

Evoking the traditional model of compulsory conscription adopted in relatively sparsely populated countries such as the Scandinavian ones, the conservative minister said: “I think we are all envious of the reserves both Sweden and Finland have” within their respective armed forces, highlighting ” the importance of reservists” in the face of the needs of modern armies to be able to use “specialists” capable of operating, for example, in “cyber-war”. Then, while admitting the specificity of the Scandinavian models and the differences with respect to other allied countries, he added: “I think we must all learn lessons from Ukraine to work on our resilience, partly linked to reserves”. For this reason – Wallace concluded – “I would like to have a model like that” of the military service in force in Sweden and Finland.