War in Ukraine, Christmas in Kiev between air raids and electricity shortages. VIDEO

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It will be a difficult Christmas in Kiev, the first since Russia started war in the country last February. 30 to 50% of homes in the city face winter, and therefore even December 25th, without electricity. “Nobody tells us when the electricity will come back, but we understand it, nobody complains, we are in an emergency situation, we just have to wait”, says a family man on Sky TG24 microphones. And her daughter explains: “Sometimes something scares us, but we don’t really feel fear. It’s a bit like a performance, there are things to do that absorb your attention. In short, you have to do things because if you get scared, doesn’t work” (ALL LIVE NEWS).

Christmas in the city

In the meantime, people in the city live in fear of air raids. As soon as the threat arrives, the subway stations fill up, with citizens who find refuge, among those who study, those who work and those looking for company. And in Kiev, despite everything, there is still a large Christmas tree in the city which, however, is only lit for half an hour a day. The most desired and popular gift? An electric generator. But there are very few of them.