War in Ukraine, Draghi: “Kiev must win or it will be fatal for the EU”

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Former Italian premier Mario Draghi, speaking at MIT in Boston, said that “Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine was not an act of unpredictable madness” but “a premeditated step” by Vladimir Putin and “a deliberate blow to the EU. The existential values ​​of the European Union are peace, freedom and respect for democratic sovereignty”, and it is “for this reason that there is no alternative for the United States, Europe and their allies other than ensuring that the May Ukraine win this war.” According to Draghi, accepting a Russian victory “would deal a fatal blow to the EU” (WAR IN UKRAINE: THE SPECIAL – ALL UPDATES).

Draghi’s words on Ukraine

“Accepting a Russian victory or a muddled draw would fatally weaken other neighboring states and send a message to autocrats that the EU is ready to compromise on what it stands for, on what it is. It would also signal to our Eastern partners that our commitment for their freedom and independence – a pillar of our foreign policy – is not all that unshakeable,” said the former prime minister.

Draghi: “Putin’s delusional strategy”

“Winning this war for Europe means having a stable peace, and today this prospect appears difficult,” added Draghi. “The invasion of Russia is part of a long-term delusional strategy of President Putin: to regain of the Soviet Union and the existence of its government is now intimately linked to its success. It would take an internal political change in Moscow for Russia to abandon its goals, but there is no sign that such a change will occur,” he said. concluded the former Italian prime minister.