War in Ukraine, Draghi-Zelensky phone call: “Italy supports sanctions against Russia”

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (WHO IS) had a telephone conversation today (ALL LIVE UPDATES ON THE WAR – THE SPECIAL). According to Palazzo Chigi, “Draghi reiterated to President Zelensky that Italy supports and will fully support the European Union line on sanctions against Russia, including those in the Swift area”. In the morning Zelensky also tweeted about the phone call with the Italian premier: “This is the beginning of a new page in the history of our states, Ukraine and Italy. Prime Minister Mario Draghi in a telephone conversation supported the exit. of Russia from Swift, the provision of defense assistance. Ukraine must join the EU “(THE WORLD CLOSES IN MOSCOW – THE SANCTIONS).

Dragons in Zelensky: We will provide assistance to defend you

Prime Minister Mario Draghi in the course of a telephone call to the President of Ukraine, said that Italy “will provide Ukraine with assistance in defending itself”. Palazzo Chigi explains that “the two presidents have agreed to remain in close contact in the immediate future”.

Zelensky to Draghi: misunderstanding cleared, thanks support

Draghi expressed to Zelensky and the Ukrainian people “the solidarity and closeness of Italy in the face of the attack by the Russian Federation”. President Zelensky confirmed the “total clarification of the misunderstanding of communications that took place yesterday and thanked President Draghi for his support and for the strong closeness and friendship between the two peoples,” said Palazzo Chigi.