War in Ukraine, Moscow: 11 Italian fighters killed

Eleven Italians would have died in Ukraine fighting among the forces of Kiev. To inform Palazzo Chigi it would have been, as reported by the Corriere della Sera, the Russian Defense Ministry with a note specifying that “professional fighters” would have fallen while “participating in military operations” against the armed forces of the Russian Federation. The deceased would have been part of a group of 60 compatriots lined up alongside the Kiev resistance during the conflict. Moscow would also have issued a warning to those who will be taken prisoner, recalling that “international humanitarian law does not apply to mercenaries” (THE SPECIAL – LIVE UPDATES).

The note from the Russian ministry on the 11 Italian fighters

The authorities of Rome, formally, would not be aware of the presence of 60 compatriots in the war zones, for this reason there would be no certainty of the reliability of the news reported in the note from Moscow. Of the deceased Italians, no identity is known, nor is the place where they would have lost their lives. Of the note sent to Palazzo Chigi, on Corriere della Sera points out that it affects the detail on the deaths. A month ago, the anti-terrorism officials would have found the presence of 17 Italians in Ukraine, of which nine aligned with Kiev, eight with Russian troops. The law prohibits “hostile acts towards a foreign state” for this reason all Italian fighters in Ukraine are punishable by law.