War in Ukraine, the Apocalypse Clock 100 seconds from midnight

The hands do not move but “humanity has come to the closest point ever to nuclear self-destruction”. The Apocalypse Clock, a metaphorical timepiece that calculates how long it is to a hypothetical end of the world based on the events that occur, remains one hundred seconds from midnight: this is announced by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, which annually keeps the pulse of the dangers of a holocaust. (WAR IN UKRAINE, THE SPECIAL – THE REPORTAGES OF THE FIRST 10 DAYS OF WAR – THE VIDEOBLOG).

100 seconds from January 2020

The organization, which has reunited in recent days, had set the risk at one hundred seconds from Armageddon as early as January 2020, on the occasion of the annual update of the hazard assessment. Just two months ago “we pointed to the situation in Ukraine as a possible outbreak, within an international security system characterized by growing tension”, explain the scientists on their website.

“Close to nuclear self-destruction”

However, the failure of the clock to advance should not sound like good news, they said from the organization: “That the hands have not moved does not mean that the situation has stabilized”, explained a spokesman: “The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the conquest of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant mean that humanity has come to the closest point ever to nuclear self-destruction “.

What is the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists was founded after the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Eugene Rabinowitch, and other scientists from the University of Chicago who had helped build the first atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project. And for 75 years the Apocalypse Clock, updated by the Bulletin, has offered its assessments on the hypothetical risk of the end of the world.

The Apocalypse Clock: How It Works

As the scientists themselves explain on their website, the Apocalypse Clock is a project that warns the public about how close we are to destroying the planet with our own technological breakthroughs. It is a metaphor for the dangers humanity faces in order to survive on the planet. The “Doomsday Clock” was created in 1947, in a historical period in which the United States and the Soviet Union were competing for atomic weapons and making them increasingly destructive. However, the Bulletin also considers other possibilities: the destruction caused by climate change has been part of the Apocalypse Clock since 2007.