War in Ukraine, the symbolic photo: an elderly man watches over the body of his slain niece

He’s sitting helpless on the street. In Kiev. Looking down. On the ground a metal blanket that hides the lifeless body of a 9 year old girl. The grandson. The heartbreaking image of an elderly man sitting in front of a peeling wall at the foot of which lies the corpse of a girl who died, together with her mother, in the Russian attack that hit the capital last night is making the rounds on the Web ukraine (UKRAINE, FOLLOW LIVE UPDATES).

I shoot it

“A difficult photo to look at” writes Mykhailo Podolyak on twitter, one of the advisers to the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, who relaunched and commented on the shot: “But it is necessary. It is again. And again, and again.” According to some eyewitnesses, the man remained crouched on his niece’s body until one of his neighbors brought him a chair. He doesn’t walk away. He can’t understand. He breathes hard. Podolyak adds that the girl was killed in the “19th Russian terrorist attack in the Ukrainian capital since the beginning of May. This is not a war for turf or for geopolitical interests. This is a war between the forces of absolute good and evil, where the dividing line between the two worlds is the border with Ukraine. It’s all very clear. Everything is recorded in this gruesome photo.” And again: “Good must prevail otherwise, the modern world, with all its humanistic values, will lie in the spotlight, and next to it there will be an empty chair of a lost future”.