War in Ukraine, Zelensky: “Iranian drones symbol of Russian failure”

Russia’s choice to use Iranian-supplied drones in the war in Ukraine certifies “the military and political failure of the Kremlin”. This was stated by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky in one of his nightly video messages. “The only fact that he is asking Iran for help is the Kremlin’s own recognition of its military and political failure,” he added, “for decades they have spent billions of dollars on their military and industrial sectors and ended up bowing to Tehran to obtain rather simple drones and missiles “.

Iran denies having sold weapons

In his video Zelensky also thanked Germany for the Iris-T anti-aircraft systems which he believes are very effective. “No matter what the enemy does or plans, Ukraine will defend itself. And 237 days of war show that we are capable of responding to any threat, ”he concluded. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba had already anticipated the intention to end diplomatic relations with Tehran. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sounded an alarm on the risk that the weapons sent to Ukraine could end up in the hands of the ayatollahs’ regime. But Tehran continues to strongly deny the sale of arms for the Ukrainian conflict. The remains of the unmanned aircraft found, however, leave no doubt.