War in Ukraine, Zelensky relaunches his 10-point peace plan at the UN

In his speech to the UN Security Council, yesterday Volodymr Zelensky relaunched his ten-point peace “formula” to put an end to the war, reiterating as indispensable conditions the withdrawal of Russia and the restoration of the borders before the invasion of Crimea in 2014. “May peace prevail, may our institutions and cooperation become stronger,” added the Ukrainian leader, inviting other nations to support the plan, the same one announced by the Ukrainian leader to the G7 leaders in October 2022 and rejected by Russia. But in recent months, the president told the General Assembly and the Security Council, meetings have been held at the level of diplomats and national security advisors from different countries to discuss point by point and understand how they can be implemented.

The peace process in the next EU Foreign Affairs Council

The spotlight was on the presence of Zelensky and Serghei Lavrov in the same room at the Security Council but the real diplomatic work takes place behind the scenes. And it will result in the next high-level meeting between national security advisors scheduled – according to what ANSA understands – in October. “Our sovereignty and territorial integrity must be restored. Zelensky’s Peace Formula offers ways to help preserve order and justice in the world – it is very good that it is being discussed at the UN General Assembly,” said the President Mazarin, Andrii Yermak. The location of the next summit remains top secret because form is now substance – after Copenhagen and Jeddah the geography of diplomacy could reserve other surprises. The peace process will be one of the topics discussed during the next EU Foreign Affairs Council, for the occasion traveling to Kiev. The Ukrainian presidency has the ambitious plan to take everything to the next level – that of the leaders – by the end of the year.

The points, from nuclear safety to the release of prisoners

Speaking to the Security Council, Zelensky cited point 5 of the plan, which concerns “the application of the UN Charter and the return to Ukrainian territorial integrity”, an aspect on which “there is no negotiation”. While point 6 provides for the “withdrawal of all Russian armed formations from Ukrainian territory”, including “mercenary forces”, and with the restoration of the country’s control over its borders established and internationally recognized in 1991, therefore also Crimea. The president explained that it is not possible to think of an “honest and lasting” end to the war without these two points. The others, mentioned by the Corriere, were instead only mentioned implicitly. The first concerns nuclear safety (and nuclear radiation), the second food safety (export of Ukrainian wheat), the third energy safety, the fourth the release of military and civilian prisoners. Zelensky, however, did not focus on point 7 (establishment of a special court to prosecute war crimes committed by Russians), on point 8 (prevention of ecocide and environmental protection) and 9 (conflict prevention mechanism). Point 10, the crucial one, ends with the request for “a document signed by all parties involved certifying the end of the war”.