War in Ukraine, Zurich removes the Z from the social logos

The insurance giant has decided to leave the name in full on social media so as not to be compared to the Russians and the ongoing war

To avoid creating associations with the invading Russian tanks of Ukraine and with the symbols glued to the doors of the Russ dissidents, the Zurich insurance company – which has the Z in plain sight, white on a sugar paper background – has decided to remove the Z from social networks (but not from the site for now), so as not to alienate customers. (ALL LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL – MARIUPOL AS GUERNICA)

Z eliminated from social networks

Just open your twitter and Instagram (Zurichinsurance) accounts and check. Now there is the full word “Zurich” in white: more letters, after the Z, just to avoid misunderstandings and uncomfortable combinations.

War marketing

Attentive to the environment, sustainability, excess Co2 and committed to supporting the Amazon portrayed by the great photographer Sebastiao Salgado, insurance now also launches itself into “war marketing”: a deployed communication, also accompanied by fundraising for Ukraine, through its charitable foundation.

The “lonely” Z

The Z is in fact considered the new swastika. The Russians use it as a sign of recognition of armored vehicles and vans as the initial of Zapad which means West, ie the director of the “special military operation” as Russia calls the invasion war in progress. Or even as a reference to “Za pabedu”, for victory, a common Russian war slogan.

The company note

“We are temporarily removing the use of the letter” Z “from social networks, where it appears isolated and could be misinterpreted – reads an official note from Zurich – We are closely monitoring the situation and will take further action if and when necessary”.