War Israel, Netanyahu: “Gaza under our control, no to ceasefire”

Netanyahu reiterates that there will be no truce in Gaza until Hamas releases the Israeli hostages. And he says Israel will have overall responsibility for the security of the Strip “for an indefinite period” once the war ends (ISRAEL-HAMAS CONFLICT, FOLLOW LIVE UPDATES).

Humanitarian goods

“There will be no general ceasefire in Gaza without the release of our hostages.” Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu reiterated this in an interview with American TV ABC News, repeating his belief that this “would hinder the war effort, would hinder our effort to free the hostages because the only thing that works with these Hamas criminals is military pressure we are exerting.” Pressured in particular by US President Joe Biden, Netanyahu speaks for the first time about humanitarian pauses. “Small breaks, an hour here, an hour there, we have already taken. We will verify the circumstances in order to allow the entry of humanitarian goods or the exit of our hostages, individual hostages” underlines the prime minister.

Security in Gaza

After the end of the war against Hamas, the Israeli prime minister assured: “We will have overall responsibility for the security of the Gaza Strip for an indefinite period of time because we have seen what has happened now that we didn’t have it.” Then he reiterates to the ABC News journalist: “When we don’t have responsibility for security, we have an onset of terror on a level we couldn’t have imagined.”

“We must verify the number of Palestinian victims”

Hamas speaks of over 10,000 deaths in the Gaza Strip and Netanyahu comments on the figure on TV: “This toll includes several thousand Palestinian fighters.” He continues: “I wouldn’t take those numbers at face value. I think we need to verify them, and there are several thousand Palestinian fighters, that is, Hamas terrorists who are incorporated into those numbers,” Netanyahu argues, referring to the disclosed death toll. by the Hamas health ministry.