War Israel, the bombings in Gaza destroyed 42% of the houses

The situation continues to worsen in the Gaza Strip, where over 42% of the housing units (164,756) have been damaged or destroyed since the start of hostilities, and according to estimates at least one million and 400 thousand people have been displaced from the Palestinian enclave, from of which 566 thousand are in emergency facilities designated by the United Nations Refugee Agency. Various UN agencies have intervened, defining the situation as catastrophic: as they have reported, hospitals are overloaded and “children are dying at a dizzying rate” (ISRAEL-HAMAS WAR, LIVE UPDATES).

The concerns of the United Nations

Five United Nations agencies including WHO and the World Food Program define the situation as “catastrophic”. Since the start of hostilities, seven hospitals which were also used as shelters have also been damaged, sanitation services are absent and the number of deaths could increase due to epidemics of cholera, chickenpox, scabies and diarrhoea. This is the alarm from the United Nations humanitarian agency. Those most affected are especially children and women.

Blinken’s words

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken interviewed by NBC explained that “Israel reopened one of the water pipes to Gaza last week”, but “there are a couple of other pipes that we would like to see restored”. According to the head of US diplomacy, it is also necessary to restart the desalination plants to ensure that drinking water in Gaza is clean.