War on Israel, Erdogan on Hamas: “Militiamen fighting for Palestinian freedom”

“Hamas is not a terrorist organization, but a group of fighters who act for the defense and liberation of their people and their land.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip declared this, accusing the West of hypocrisy for the position it has taken regarding the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel.

“The West feels guilty towards Israel”

“I say this openly and I want Israel to listen carefully. Many meetings are held and the entire West agrees in defining Hamas as a terrorist organization. However, due to the actions it carries out, Israel itself could be an organization, but this is not said. The reason is that the West feels indebted to Israel for what happened in the past, but Turkey has no debt”, says Erdogan.

Trip to Israel cancelled

Erdogan also announced the cancellation of his trip to Israel. “We had good intentions, but they were all ruined.” Then he continues: “We had a plan to go to Israel, it was cancelled, we won’t go.” Finally he adds: “When tomorrow the powers they rely on today are no longer there, the first place the Israeli people will look for trust and mercy will be Turkey, just like 500 years ago.”

Erdogan attacks the UN: “Impotent”

Regarding the Israeli attacks on Gaza, Erdogan clarifies: “We have never approved the atrocities committed by Israel and the way in which it acts as an organization rather than a state, and we will not do so.” Then he specifies: “Almost half of the people killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza are children. Demonstration that the goal is premeditated brutality to commit crimes against humanity.” He then attacks the UN. “No one takes to heart a structure that ignores the brutal killing of children, we are deeply saddened by the state of helplessness into which the United Nations has fallen.” Finally, the Turkish leader launches an appeal: “I ask all countries with a mind and conscience to put pressure on Netanyahu’s government so that the State of Israel has some common sense” declares Erdogan, as reported by the presidency of the Republic of Ankara.