War Ukraine, Russia aims to open a new front: the scenario

Kiev expects a new Moscow offensive in the Lymanskyi area

Russia aims to open a new front in the war with Ukraine. Moscow’s army intends to launch an offensive in another direction, adding another direction to that of the ongoing attacks near Bakhmut and Avdiivka. This was stated by the spokesman of the Eastern Forces Group of the Ukrainian army Serhiy Cherevaty, underlining that the east of Ukraine remains “the main theater of military operations, where the enemy has concentrated most of its forces”. Every day, the Russian Federation uses artillery, multiple rocket launchers, tries to hit Ukrainian positions with tank fire, and uses aviation.

“The Russian occupiers are trying to advance in three main directions: Bakhmutskyi, Avdiivskyi, and now they will try to carry out counteroffensive actions in Lymanskyi. The Ukrainian military, under a constant barrage of fire, showing mass heroism, does not allow the enemy to break through our defenses and inflict systematic losses,” Cherevaty said, according to which “more than 50 occupants were killed and about 80 wounded in the Bakhmut direction alone.”

Meanwhile, “the Russian invaders are losing thousands of soldiers in the battles near Bakhmut, the head of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Gaidai, said during the daily information marathon.

“Bakhmut no longer even has a strategic military sense – said Gaidai – It has more of a symbolic meaning that the Kremlin regime loves very much. Moreover, Kadyrov and the Wagner group want to prove and that they are capable of something. But while they are there, they lose thousands of their soldiers”.