WarioWare: Move It! for Switch, the review

Joy-Con in hand for the craziest party game of the year

**WarioWare: Move It!**: Nintendo’s New Gem

After the success of WarioWare: Get it Together! in 2021, one of Nintendo’s weirdest and funniest series returns to Switch. The experience, designed primarily for multiplayer fun, is a godsend for those who love organizing video game-based parties, but in some way manages to have fun even in single player. While the plot isn’t the heart of the game, it does provide some entertaining moments, especially with Wario providing laughs this time around rather than being the center of attention. The heart of this title lies in the minigames: there are more than 200 different ones, divided into 20 different categories. These scenarios require different skills in using the Joy-Con to overcome the tests, and in this particular chapter it will often be necessary to physically assume the most absurd poses to be able to defeat opponents in multiplayer or beat your own records alone. A limitation is the fact that every single player will need a pair of Joy-Con to play, and this is not necessarily the most likely scenario when you only have one Switch available.

The minigames are crazy and super fun, and draw from the Nintendo universe and pop culture in general. You might find yourself helping Snow White get to the bathroom after eating a poisoned apple, or leaping like a frog (literally) towards your destination. The game puts players in funny situations, forcing them to adopt singular positions, interacting with the controllers in the most disparate ways: there are even moments in which you have to let go of the controllers to overcome certain games, or place them on the ground to move around them . Perfect for evenings with friends, but also suitable for quick solo games, WarioWare: Move It! it probably has only one clearly visible flaw: the price which, set at 49.90 euros, is slightly lower than the full cost of a triple A on Switch. It’s perfect for evenings with friends, but it’s equally addictive when you play alone, at least for half an hour. For the rest, Wario Ware is once again one of the most successful party games from the Nintendo stable, better from all points of view than the previous chapter.

Format: Switches publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo, Intelligent Systems Vote: 9/10