Wartsila: Mimit table on stand by, group asks for 1 month to evaluate offers

Wartisla dispute on standby at the end of the table convened at Mimit to which the multinational was supposed to present the expected industrial relaunch plan of the group and present the binding offers for the reindustrialisation of the Bagnoli di Rosandra site with which to safeguard the employment of the 451 workers affected by the closure of the past months and protect related industries. The Finnish group that produces large engines for naval use instead would have asked, according to reports from the unionsa further 4 weeks to evaluate the 3 proposals in the field that Christof, H2Energy and Mitsubishi/Rheinmetall would have put on the table in recent days. Updated meeting therefore while the Government, through the mouth of the undersecretary Fausta Bergamot who presided over today’s meeting, would have asked the company to speed up the analysis times but above all “balls still” on the front of the request for layoffs in the face of the lack of a plan. The new round has not yet been scheduled but could take place in the week from 2 to 5 May.

The reaction of the trade unions, who have been waiting for some time to know the details of the recovery plan and the industrial offers on the table and who threaten the resumption of mobilisation, is tough. A “disappointing encounter“, a choice of the company judged “unsatisfactory”, they comment at the end of the meeting Fim Fiom and Uilm who urged the government to use “all the levers and prerogatives at its disposal to favor reindustrialisation”, considering “any notarial behavior on the part of Mimit unacceptable” and excluding its availability for a possible agreement on social safety nets “in the absence of credible projects aimed at safeguarding employment, both direct and under contracts, and guaranteeing the site’s production continuity”.

The USB is also ready for mobilisation. “For the umpteenth time, the company presents itself without providing any details, without going into the merits of the reindustrialization proposals in any way. For this reason, the union said at the end of the meeting, it is necessary to literally prevent the latest processes from leaving, it is necessary to block the company again until real guarantees have been obtained on the employment and industrial level, on the future of the plant and on Trieste”, urging the Government “to clarify what role it is playing in the context of this discussion, because it seems to us that in right now it is the multinational that determines the industrial policies of this country”, concludes the Usb.

Uglm was also disappointed. “The factory, in fact, continues to be dismantled and in the meantime, the workers of Wartsila and related industries see a state of absolute uncertainty about their future entirely unloaded on their shoulders and this, as a trade union organization, we cannot accept. We therefore ask the Government to implement the appropriate actions to give an industrial future to the territory and to our country, in a strategic sector that will see significant development in the coming years in green technologies linked to zero impact marine engines and with the ‘use of hydrogen”, writes the Uglm agrees with the other trade unions on the unavailability to accept social shock absorbers without a clear definition of the matter. (By Alessandra Testorio)