Waste, Coripet: “Consortium members represent over 50% released for consumption”

Coripeta voluntary non-profit consortium engaged in the collection and recycling of PET bottles, reached in 2022, with over 51%, the majority of the quotas of the PET bottles released for consumption on the market by its members. This is what emerges from the surveys of Plastic Consult, a body officially appointed by the sector operators for the survey of market data.

More specifically Coripet, specialized incircular economy ‘bottle to bottle’in the survey of the second quarter of 2022, with a total of 120,300 tons released for consumption, it reached a market share of 51.4%.

“Today’s figure confirms the goodness of our project and of our idea and vision of the market in which we operate. We are consolidating our position within the reference scenario and the latest indicators tell us that our business model is finding more and more consensus among the actors involved in the Pet recycling chain. Never like now – he observes Corrado Dentis, president of Coripet – with the objectives set by the European Union, the market needs more competition, which also translates into innovative methods for recycling Pet, such as those supported by Coripet and which also involve the active role of citizens, who represent a pillar fundamental for our management system for the end of life of this material “.