Watch Movies Tonight on TV on Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Here is an overview of the films that will air tonight on TV on Sky channels. All Premières and Libraries on first pass are also available on Sky On Demand and Sky Go.

War movies to watch tonight on tv

13 Hours: The secret soldiers of Benghazi, at 21:15 on Sky Cinema Uno

John Krasinski is a soldier who works for the secret services as civil war breaks out in Libya.

Drama to see tonight on tv

The man who will come, 21:00 on Sky Cinema Drama

Alba Rohrwacher and Maya Sansa in a film about the Marzabotto massacre.

The hummingbird, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno +24

Pierfrancesco Favino in a film based on a novel by Sandro Veronesi.

Comedy movie to see tonight on tv

Naked gun 33 1/3 – The final insult, 21:00 on Sky Cinema Comedy

Third and final chapter of the comedy-action saga with Leslie Nielsen.

Romantic movie to see tonight on tv

Everyone loves Jeanne, 21:15 on Sky Cinema Due

During a trip to Lisbon, a depressed woman meets an extravagant friend.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 21:00 on Sky Cinema Romance

Audrey Hepburn in the story of a small-town girl trying to make a career in New York.

Everyone loves Jeanne, 9.15pm on Sky Cinema 4K

During a trip to Lisbon, a depressed woman meets an extravagant friend.

Action movies to watch tonight on tv

Jason Bourne, 21:15 on Sky Cinema Collection

Fifth film on the saga of Jason Bourne, again with Matt Damon as protagonist.

Master & Commander – Challenge at the edge of the sea, 21:00 on Sky Cinema Action

Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany in a naval film directed by Peter Weir.

Three Kings, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Due +24

George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg in an action war film. Some American soldiers decide to take possession of land where there is a treasure.

Fantasy movies to see tonight on tv

The adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, at 21:00 on Sky Cinema Family

A very young Taylor Lautner pre Twilight in this adventure by Robert Rodriguez.

Thriller movies to watch tonight on tv

Who is without sin – The Dry, 21:00 on Sky Cinema Suspense

Eric Bana in a thriller based on the novel by Jane Harper. A cop returns to his hometown to investigate a friend’s suicide.

Clear programs

Tina Anselmi – A life for democracy, 21:25 on Rai 1

The story of the first woman elected minister in Italy, in 1976.

From the street to the stage, 21:20 on Rai 2

New talent show that offers street artists the opportunity to perform on television.

#cartabianca, at 21:20 on Rai 3

Topical container with Bianca Berlinguer at the helm. We talk about politics and social issues.

Out of the choir, 9.20 pm on Rete 4

Current affairs format conducted by Mario Giordano in which the main issues of the country are analysed.

Light of your eyes, 21:20 on Canale 5

Thriller-tinged fiction with Anna Valle and Giuseppe Zeno as protagonists.

Le Iene Show, at 21:18 on Italia 1

Another prime time appointment with satire, news and current events from the editorial staff of Le Iene.

On Tuesday, 21:15 on La 7

Giovanni Floris to conduct this political talk, which deals with the current situation in Italy.

Four Weddings, 21:30 on TV8

TV format in which four brides are pitted against each other on their wedding day.

Miami Beach, 9:25 pm on Nine

Ricky Memphis and Max Tortora in a comedy by Carlo Vanzina set on the beaches of Florida.